Starting with the Stats

As I mentioned in my first post, I want to use this blog to focus on students who transfer from a community or state college to a university and how this transition could affect students’ career development.

To begin, here is a snapshot of this population with information found from Florida State University and the American Association of Community Colleges.

  • FSU enrolls nearly 3,000 transfer students per year
  • Nearly half of all undergraduate students will attend a community college
  • The great majority of students at a community college plan to transfer to a university
  • About 40% of students at a community college are first-generation college students

I am part of the statistics above, as I attended Tallahassee Community College before transferring to FSU to continue my college career. Sometimes, I felt like I was caught in the middle of two worlds. Was I a  “freshman” who didn’t know my  way around, and who  was just starting to build connections and relationships on campus, or was I a “junior” who was taking classes in my major and was supposed to know the ropes? Although there were things I appreciated about being a transfer student, my path was different than the majority of the student body. I don’t want to imply that transfer students lack support at FSU, but navigating milestones of a college career such as choosing a major, joining campus organizations, obtaining an internship or searching for a job could look different.

Knowing that transfer students might be on a different timeline than traditional students and gathering information about their individual experiences seems like a great place to start! I hope to explore strategies and resources to effectively serve this population in weeks to come.


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