Top Ten 10 List

In addition to my original blog post this week, I have included a “Top 10 List” of podasts and blogs related to community college students and transfer students. These are resources for both students and professionals who serve this population.


1) Four Ways to Get Involved as a Transfer Student

This blog highlights tips to encourage transfer students in becoming engaged in their campus community. Transfer students do not take the traditional path through their college experience, and being at an institution for a shorter length of time, they might have difficulty becoming involved. This blog could be a great resource for students who want to try out simple, yet powerful ways to branch out, even if it’s just simply saying, “hello!”

2) Tales from a Transfer Student

This highlights the story of a women who experienced challenges throughout her college career, both at a community college and a university, but was able to overcome them. If clients are struggling with an adjustment, or don’t think they can get past academic struggles at a community college, this could be an encouraging post to read.  Although it won’t depict everyone’s experience, there are many relatable elements to the story that clients could possibly gain insight from.

3) 12 Days of Transfer

12 Days of Transfer is a blog that features college students and their success stories. This particular post highlights the story of a nontraditional student who returned to college in middle age. The blog highlights advice and experiences that all transfer students could relate to, but particularly those who are returning students.

4) 12 Days of Transfer

This blog highlights an additional story of a “transfer success” and the featured student provides tips on what contributed to her success. All the tips could be beneficial to clients, but in this post, the importance of utilizing the Career Center was emphasized. For clients who are making career decisions, it could  be important to hear from a student perspective how valuable this resource is.


5) The State of Community College

This podcast provides information about the status of community colleges in the United States in terms of statistics and trends. This information is important for clients to be aware of, simply so they can be more informed about the institution they have a connection to. In addition, it is useful information for those who work with community college students, to again, remain updated on the state of community colleges.

6) How to Reach Diverse Populations Transferring to a Community College

This is a podcast from the University of California, focusing on how institutions can reach out to diverse populations in terms of programming. Although this information would be more beneficial for faculty and staff of community colleges to hear, their knowledge on the topic could directly impact students, or clients, they work with.

7) High School Transfer Students and the Transition to College: Timing and the Structure of the School Year 

With discussion based on a research article,  this podcast addresses a population of students who transfer from high school to high school, and how this transition impacts their transition to college. Understanding the consequences of college students’ previous experiences could be beneficial in helping students navigate their college career and direct the type of interventions or resources they might need to be successful in college.

8) Disparities in Debt: Parents’ Socioeconomic Resources and Young Adult Student Loan Debt

This podcasts discusses implications for a reality that a great number of community college students face, which is low parental socioeconomic status and the potential for high student loan debt. With research demonstrating that parents’ economic resources is an important component of student success, this is a conversation especially relevant in a community college setting. Increasing awareness of student loan debt could be important to developing programs and resources given to students related to scholarships and money management throughout their college career.

9) The Under-Appreciated Transfer Student 

This podcast states that transfer students are often the “forgotten population” on college campuses and that it is important to facilitate supportive relationships between transfer students and their peers, as well as between faculty and staff of a university. This view provides a holistic perspective of the transfer experience and acknowledges that this population might feel out of place on campus. That being said, it could help clients to actually listen to this podcast to show that they are not forgotten and for faculty and staff who could use this information to provide appropriate support and resources to students.

10) Beyond MC: Transferring to a 4-Year School

This podcast has a specific focus on Montgomery College and the relationship between its university partners, and highlights how students can make a successful transition to a university to continue their education. Although some of the information might be specific to this particular college, it could still be beneficial for transfer students to view in order to gain more information about the process of transferring. Students would have to conduct their own research or utilize a different set up resources for their institution, but it could serve as a great platform for beginning to think about the process of making the transition from a community college to a university.


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