This week, I have been researching the more technical aspects of transferring from TCC to FSU and came across something called an Articulation Agreement. I was not familiar with this phrase before, but it highlights the policies surrounding the process of transferring. This “2+2” program guarantees students acceptance into one of 12 universities in Florida. Recently, a program titled TCC2FSU has been implemented, which guarantees admission to FSU and supports students throughout the process. (See the video below for more information!) However, this agreement does not guarantee acceptance into a limited access program. I’m sure students appreciate having this partial sense of security but as stated in the agreement, there are limitations that place personal responsibility on students at TCC.

Seventy-five percent of students at TCC plan to transfer to FSU, but I can’t seem to find any statistics that indicate what programs they enter. A question I have is how successful these students are in becoming accepted to limited access programs. Some majors at FSU require prerequisites that are taken during freshman year, but if a transfer student tried to enter as a junior, it could play out very differently.

This is another reason why the career development process should begin prior to entering a university. I know I have focused on working with transfer students once they make the transition to four-year institution, but I don’t want to ignore this component of the process.

Another example of a collaboration between TCC and FSU is an event called “FSU@TCC.” One day each semester, academic departments and student services from FSU visit the TCC campus and serve as a resource for students. This way, students can learn more about what is offered at FSU and become exposed to programs and resources that might not have had easy access to otherwise. In addition, academic advising is offered.

Clearly, there are already initiatives in place to promote the success of transfer students entering FSU, but it is a topic relevant to the career development process that I wanted to highlight.


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