Top Ten List – Twitter

1 ) Community College
Three Stars

This page highlights “everything you need to know” about community colleges. It is a place where students can ask questions, information is posted, and resources are made easily accessible. This could be useful for clients in gathering information about community colleges and serves as a resource to obtain insight into the culture of a community college.

2) Sam Project
Three Stars

SAM stands for Student Achievement Measure and is a voluntary way to report graduation rates of students. In terms of how this affects transfer students, data has been collected that shows statistics about how transfer student graduation rates impact policies regarding higher education.  Through collecting this information, clients could learn that they are not “forgotten” are shown that where they choose to go to school and impacts education. It also is a good resource for clients to learn about transfer statistics.  
3)The American Association of Community Colleges
Four Stars

The American Association of Community College is an advocacy organization based in Washington, DC. On their twitter page, they highlight news articles related to community colleges across the nation. This could be a great place for clients to go to feel informed about what is happening within their education at a community college and the implications of being a transfer student . As it is not limited geographically or to a particular college, this could be a great resource for every client who wants to learn more about community colleges in America.

4) College Factual
Three Stars

College Factual is a resource that aims to help students, as well as parents, become more informed about making college selections. In addition to statistics, it provides links to articles that relate to choosing a major, the importance of internships, and strategies to handle college debt. In terms of its use for clients, it could be a great resource for learning about which university might be a good fit, but also prompt students to start to thinking about the career development process. In addition to looking at what schools they might pursue, it could be a good way to introduce them to the idea of making career decisions and how this can start at an early phase of a college career, whether that’s at a community college or a university.

5) USA TODAY College
Four Stars 

USA TODAY College is a page that provides tip to prepare students for life after graduation. There is a wide variety of information included in this site, such as steps to prepare for admission and tips for developing plans for spring break. This site could be useful for transfer students, as it provides a sense of community in an educational setting. If students feel like they do not belong, this could be a way to help them feel connected with what is happening in college life, beyond academics. In addition, they could contribute by providing tips and represent transfer students in college life on a large platform.

6) College Success Tips
Four Stars

This is a feed that posts articles and tips for success in college. Examples of these tips include career trends to watch out for, the importance of LinkedIn, and why volunteering is important in college. Considering that community college students tend to have lower levels of academic achievement, this could be a great resource to help prepare students for the transition from a community college to a university.

7) TCC
Five Stars 

TCC has an official page that would be beneficial for current students and alumni to join. It includes information about news and events and is a great way to stay connected to TCC. Although this is a specific college, it could be beneficial for clients to follow whichever community college they attend . This way, they know what’s going on and can be informed.

8) Florida State University
Five Stars

Similar to what was \ described with TCC, Florida State University has an official twitter page. This also provides information about what’s going on in the life of campus and is a great way to stay connected as a student and alumni. By following this page as a student at a community college, even before arriving, it could be a way to feel like a part of the university. Even if a client is not transferring to Florida State University, the idea of following the twitter page of a university they are planning to transfer to could be beneficial.

9) FSU Career Center
Five Stars

The FSU Career Center’s twitter page provides information about what services the Career Center offers, but also includes promotional materials and reminders for upcoming events. It is also a great resource for learning how the Career Center has impacted current students by highlighting their success stories. For these reasons, clients should get connected with the career center of the school they plan to transfer to. This would allow them to see how they could engage with services once they arrive, or even prior to when they arrive.

10) UMN Transfers
Three Stars

UMN Transfers is a site to support transfer students as they adjust to the University of Minnesota by providing a network, updates, announcements and opportunities. If a university was interested in creating a community to support this population, this could be a great model of how to engage transfer students and  increase their sense of cohesion on a campus.


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