Tell Me About Yourself

Why is it that sometimes, the most simple sounding questions are the most difficult to answer? For example, I have the most confused and insecure responses when I ask students to “tell me about themselves” compared to other types of questions, especially in preparation for interviews. Sometimes, I wonder if because we don’t take time to really think about who we are, when prompted with this question, our minds spin and go blank. This question is not only common and important in interviews, but its core is related to understanding our own values, interests, and skills.

What’s important to me?
What do I like?
What am I good at?

who am i

Again, these questions sound simple, but they usually are not ones we are asked on a regular basis. In the process of career development, it is crucial to develop answers to these questions. For transfer students, it could be important to start developing self-knowledge throughout time spent at a community college. For example, take a notebook and write down classes of interest, and why those classes are interesting. Make a list of skills that have been developed throughout involvement and activities. Brainstorm what you value in a major and career. Although simple, it could increase self-knowledge and help develop an idea of what the future could look like beyond community college.


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