Top Ten List – Websites

1) National Career Development Association (5 Stars)

The National Career Development Association is a great resource for professional development, publications and standards of practice. As it highlights a wide variety of information and resources, it could be used to identify strategies and discover implications for the career development process among the transfer student population.

2) The American Association of Community Colleges (5 Stars)

This is a resource that advocates for community colleges across the nation and contains information for practitioners  as well as students. Students could visit this webpage to learn more about the statistics of community colleges and its students, but also to see the initiatives regarding advocacy and could potentially become involved and engaged.

3) Big Future by the College Board (4 Stars)

This College Board resource has a page dedicated to transfer students and how to make a successful transition to a four-year institution. It would be helpful for clients for clients to visit, as it has a video with tips for success, as well as links to additional resources related to this topic.

4) College Confidential (4 Stars)

College Confidential is the largest college-bound community online that also contains resources for community college students. Included in the forum is a page dedicated to community college topics that students can weigh in on, or use as a resource. It could be beneficial to hear others’ perspectives on community colleges, and actually contribute to conversation based on current or past experiences.

5) The U.S. Department of Education (5 Stars)

The U.S. Department of Education offers a page devoted to community colleges and provides a variety of resources that range from scholarship opportunities to journals. This would be a great resource for a client to explore as they are entering a community college or as they are transition from a community college to a four-year institution. This seems like it would be especially beneficial for funding opportunities.

6) O*NET OnLine (5 Stars)

O*NET OnLine is a tool for career exploration and occupational information. Clients would have the opportunity to utilize the Skills Search, which allows them to respond to statements about skills, and match the responses with potential occupations of interest.

7) Campus Tours (4 Stars)

Campus Tours is a resource that allows students to take thousands of virtual campus tours and engage with interactive campus maps. If transfer students are making decisions about which four-year institution to attend, or would like to think about the adjustment from a small community to a large university, this could be a way to ease into it slowly.

8) Career Decision-Making Difficulties Questionnaire (4 Stars)

This is a free resource that allows participants to take an assessment to provide insight into their career decision-making process. This could be helpful for clients to determine where they might be “stuck” in the process of making decisions about majors and careers and could give information about what area they might want to seek help in.

9) Casey Life Skills (4 Stars)

Casey Life Skills is a resource for youth to assess behaviors and skills needed to achieve their goals. It could be great for students between the ages of 14 and 21 to engage with and for a counselor to use as a conversation starter in a career counseling session.

10) Peterson’s (4 Stars)

Peterson’s provides information about educational and training programs and also includes articles on choosing a school. This could be beneficial for clients as they seek out information independently to make informed decisions about which colleges and universities they are interested in. It could also provide information about what programs are offered at particular institutions.


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