Top Ten List – Apps

Community College Journal (4 Stars)
American Association of Community Colleges
This app contains information including news, trends and practices related to community colleges. It could be useful for students, as well as practitioners to stay updating on what’s happening within community colleges.

Test  Taking Skills (4 Stars)
Test Taking Skills can help students prepare for exams in multiple stages of an academic career. The  video format could be appealing to students,  and covers topics including meta-cognitive, knowledge and performance psychology and deliberate thinking strategies . – Simple To-Do List
This app allows individuals to organize their day and includes multiple components of a schedule including  personal, work, school, homework, etc. It could be useful for students to manage their time and have a simple way to map out the day. It also allows people to collaborate to get things done faste and is named a “top ten MUST HAVE app” by the New York Times.

Time Management for College Students (4 Stars)
WebLantis allows student to track time efficiently, find the best time of the day to complete homework, and learn how to manage “leisure” time. This could be especially useful for students who are making the transition from a community college to a university, as it could help them stay organized.

Timetable – Studies and Task Manager (4 Stars)
Michael Banholzer
This app is a way to manage college courses and includes information about schedules, homework assignments and tasks related to the course. Students could keep track of their classes and use it to supplement planners and focus just on classes, professors and homework.

College Majors (5 Stars)
AppletStudios, LLC
College Majors can help students see what degrees and programs colleges offer and allows them to look at the educational paths and related career options. As College Majors covers associate in arts, bachelors, and master’s degrees, it could serve a wide range of students.

Peterson’s College Guide (5 Stars)
Peterson’s is a resource that allows students or upcoming students to  learn more about colleges, their locations, campuses, programs and majors. It could be a great resource and information gathering and decision-making.

College Interactive
(4 Stars)
This app is the only one of its kind to actually connect students to colleges and universities and engage one-on-one with staff. It could be used as a resource to learn more about colleges and to see if there is a good “fit” as students are thinking about transferring from a community college to a university.

Stress Management Complete Guide (4 Stars)
This app is a resource to learn about stress management, techniques for how to identify it, and positive and negative ways to cope and alleviate it.  This could be a great resource, as making the transition from a community college to a university could invoke stress, as it is an adjustment not just academically, but socially and emotionally, as well.

Mobile University (4 Stars)
E-Step Consulting, Inc.
Mobile University allows students to look at information about two and four-year institutions, including scholarship information and opportunities. Students can also look at majors offered, housing and social atmosphere.


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