Apps as a Resource

One of the research findings related to community college students is that they are less academically prepared than their counterparts who attend a university as freshman. There could be multiple strategies to combat this trend and help community college students improve their time management, study strategies, and stress management, for example.

One type of strategy on my mind today is related to the use of technology. As I was researching apps this week, I found several that were related to information and resources, which seemed very useful to community college students. When I branched out into different types of apps, there seemed to be some great time-management resources that could be advertised to community college students. For example, there is one titled Time Management for College Students, which provides a way to manage college courses and includes information about schedules, homework assignments and tasks related to courses. Students could keep track of their classes and use it to supplement planners and focus just on classes, professors and homework.

Promoting this type of resource could be a great way to increase student awareness of the need for time-management skills. It can be great to think outside the box and brainstorm how technology could be used to support student success.


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