Top Ten List – Miscellaneous

1) American Association of Community Colleges Advocacy News (Four Stars)
This resources contains a list of links that are related to current events and strides related to the advocacy of community colleges.
It provides information that could be beneficial for practitioners, but also for clients. It can be great for students to see what others are doing to support a population they are part of, but also educate them on how they could become involved in self-advocacy.

2) The Chronicle of Higher Education Blog, Say Something (Four Stars)
This is a collection of blogs that highlight issues and stories on college campuses.
It could be great for transfer students to stay updated on relevant issues within the college community, and potentially thinking about sharing their story and bringing attention to the needs of the transfer student population.

3) – Transfer Scholarships (Four Stars) provides information and resources and scholarship information directed toward transfer students and could be great for students to visit when thinking about funding for their transition from a community college to a university. 

4) The Pendulum – Past Transfer Students offer Advice to New Transfer Students (Three Stars)
This brief video highlights the experiences of two transfer students and their transition to a university.
This could be helpful for students, as they might feel like they are alone throughout the process, or they might not have anyone to provide insight into what the experience is like. Even through a brief video, it could be beneficial for transfer students to hear the perspective of their peers. 

5) How to Transfer to a Four-Year College or University (Three Stars)
This is a video that explores common concerns of transfer students and is given through the perspective of students, as well as college administrators.
This could be a great resource to learn about students’ experiences, but also to learn more of the myths vs. facts from professionals in higher education regarding the transfer process.

6) Student Caring – Tools for Student Success (Four Stars)
This podcast by de Roulet and Percoraro encourages students, parents, professors, to focus on caring and provides a new way of thinking about college.
This could be a great resource to become engaged with upon entering a community college, and could apply throughout a college career. With a wide array of topics, there could be something of interest to students from diverse life experiences and college expectations. 

7) Florida Choices (Five Stars)
Florida Choices is a Computer Assisted Career Guidance System that allows students to engage in career exploration and planning.
Students can identify that they are in college, create an account, and utilize the resource to identify postsecondary schools, explore programs and majors, and  manage college applications.

8) Persistence Plus (Three Stars)
Persistence Plus, LLC
Persistence Plus is an app that provides personalized support to help students be successful in college and earn their degrees. It places an emphasis on motivation and engagement, dealing with academic setbacks, organizing time and responsibilities, and making progress towards a degree.

9) CollegeSuccessStudentServices (Three Stars)
CollegeSuccessStudentServices strives to provide quality and culturally relevant information motivational materials and education services to students through Instagram.
It could be great for students to follow this Instagram account to receive relevant information about speakers in their area, and also to view motivational posts and updates from students across the nation.

10) TED Talks – Life Hacks (How to Succeed? Get More Sleep) (Four Stars)
This TED Talk emphasizes sleep in the lives of women, in particular, and speaks to the importance of sleep.
This could be helpful for college students, as it stresses the need to take care of your body by giving it enough rest, and how that could impact success and the ability to be alert.


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