Lately, I have been thinking a lot about transitions. Transitions are something that everyone experiences at one point – especially as a student. I know that I have focused on transfer students, but this applies to all students. Today, I’m going to switch gears (only slightly) and highlight an article from Quintessential Careers titled “So You’ve Graduated College…What’s Next for You? Eight Critical Issues Facing New Grads.”

This question of what comes after graduation is something that could cause a lot of stress in the lives of college students. Thinking about this reality might be able to be put off for a while, but everyone has to face this question and also have some sort of answer eventually. This article tackles topics from learning about career options to decided if you are going to move back in with your parents. All of these life decisions might be overwhelming, and that’s one of the reason there are so many resources! To check it out, follow this link:

now what


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