This blog is designed to be a resource for both transfer students and those who work with transfer students at a college or university. Transfer students are a growing and important population on college campuses, and this group could have different needs than students who enter a university as freshman. With attention given to these needs, I hope that the experience of transfer students will continue to improve and be supported by institutions. You might notice that there is a particular emphasis on TCC and FSU, but most information can be transferable to any institutions.

Click Here to view the presentation that I created to highlight some of the  issues and implications for the topics related to community college students.

Top Ten Lists related to this topic are included throughout the blog and are organized according to the type of resource.

Click Here to view the blog.

In addition, links to the Top Ten Lists are below.

Top Ten List – Blogs
Top Ten List – Twitter
Top Ten List – Websites
Top Ten List – Apps
Top Ten List – Misc.


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