Technology and Counseling

Over the course of the semester, I have been exposed to many new ideas related to the relationship between counseling and technology. Even related to my topic of community college and transfer students, technology has been incorporated throughout my posts. I think this is going to be a growing trend throughout the field of counseling and career development. There are so many online resources that people might not be aware of that could be recommended for students, or that could be used for professionals. Whether it is a more complicated online resource such as a new database, or a simple, yet underutilized resource like a virtual sticky note, this semester has opened my eyes to the technological resources.

In addition, it has provided me new ideas to incorporate popular types of technology into interventions. An example of this is the use of YouTube videos. If there is a transfer student who feels like people don’t understand what their experience is like, I might recommend a testimonial that chronicles the journey of a fellow transfer student via weekly posts.

If technology continues to develop at the rate it is currently, I know that it will be a task to stay updated on what it has to offer. However, I am excited to see innovations as they come!


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